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Delivery to VolzhskyPipe Works, JSC, TPS-3 Casing pipe line.
The machine 1A660.421F3 was upgraded and repaired to restore ratings and application of modern numerical control system. After the upgrade and repair, the machine completely complies with the ratings.
The upgrade and repair were executed in accordance with the customer's specification.
Aim of work: repair and examination of all machine assemblies and mechanisms with the replacement of electric direct current motors with asynchronous ones, and installation of CNC control by Siemens 840.


• mechanical part of the machine equipment:
• examination of all assemblies and mechanisms (with the replacement of broken parts and industrial rubber articles).
• examination of the machine lubrication system.
• examination of the frame installation on the basement, adjustment operations.
• electric part of the machine equipment:
• gearbox is equipped with an asynchronous motor W=110 kW.
• gears of all movements mechanisms are equipped with asynchronous motors.
• examination of all electric equipment in the machine.
• execution of works for replacing of the CNC of the machine.
• machine is equipped with CNC control Siemens 840.
• reference system was checked.
• comprehensive adjustment and handover of the machine to the customer (in accordance with the program agreed with the customer).


1A660.421F3 Heavy-duty lathe with numerical software control is applied in various branches of industry for executing various lathe works when processing external part surfaces made of various materials. The parts may be processed in the manual mode with the control of the main gear and support using controls located on the CNC remote console. The machine allows processing complex linear and curvilinear surfaces using the control program, cutting cylindrical and conical threads along the whole support stroke, processing of end and curvilinear surfaces with the permanent cutting speed using the CNC controller by Sinumerik- 840 D.
After the overhaul and upgrade, the machine shall comply with the technical features of the machine as per 1A660.421F3 000000RE Operating Guidelines.


• Principal dimensions:
        -largest diameter of the article to the machined above the bed: 1,250 mm;
        -largest diameter of the article to the machined above the support: 800mm;
•Largest length of the article to be machined: 8,000 mm.
•Largest weight of the article to be machined in the centers of the live and dead heads: 25,000 kg.
•Height of the centers: 670mm.
•Limits for the spindle revolutions number, rpm (stepped control):
        -1 step 1.0 -8.0;
        -2 step 2-40;
        -3 step 12.3-246:
•Largest tolerable spindle torque: 34 kNm.
•Number o ftools installed to the automatic tool head: 4 pcs.
•Tool section BxH, 40x50 mm.
•Limits for support feeding when operated with CNC controller: 0.3 -1,200 mm/min.
•Limits for thread strokes:
         metric: 1 -96 mm;
         inch, string per inch: 20 -3/8”.
•Largesttolerable cutting force Pz: 8,500 kgs.
•Number of spindle revolutions when installing the heaviest part in weight, max. 10 prm.
•Center in the live head spindle: 110x75 mm x degr.
•Size of the live head spindle internal cone as per GOST8593-81 - 110x1:7.
•Center of the ram: 80x75 mm x degr.
•Diameter of the dead head ram: 260 mm.
• Dead head accelerated shifting speed: 3.38 m/min.
•Largest ram pull: 260 mm.
•Support accelerated shifting speed:
        longitudinal: 3.5 m/min.
        transversal: 3.5 m/min.
• Highest transverse travel of the support, not less than 735 mm
• Diameters of parts installed in the closed lunette (with slide supports ) mm:
        Ø160 – 360;
        Ø360 – 630;
• Diameters of parts installed in the open lunette - Ø560 – 900 mm.
• Number of supports - 1 pc.
• Overall dimensions – 3255 x 12730 x 2215 mm.

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