Прессы гидравлические
Прессы гидравлические
Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic presses

Specialization of our company is a creation of highly effective unique and heavy presses and their complexes with high degree of automation of technological processes according to the individual project of the Customer.

Our team are specialists who have accumulated many years of experience in the design and manufacture of heavy hydraulic presses at the Kolomna Heavy Machine tool Plant, one of which areas has always been the design and manufacture of unique press equipment.

The equipment designed by our specialists is used to produce large turbines and nuclear reactors, aircraft and submarine parts, complex metallurgical and chemical equipment, main and oil and gas pipelines of large diameter, etc.

Our company designs and manufactures Turnkey unique presses and their lines, such as:

  • Stamping presses for various technological purposes, with a force of up to 60,000 tons.
  • Special purpose hydraulic presses.
  • Hydrostatic presses, with a force of from 5,000 to 63,000 tons and with the specific working fluid pressure up to 3,500 kgf/cm2.
  • Gasostatic presses with a force of from 5,000 to 40,000 tons with a specific pressure of the gas environment up to 2,000 kgf/cm2 and temperature up to 1500 C.
  • Hydraulic presses for the production of pipes, bars and profiles by extrusion:

With a force of 1,600 ... 9,000 tons for pressing aluminium and its alloys;

With a force of 1,600…5,000 tons for pressing copper and its alloys;

With a force of 1,600…6,300 tons for pressing steels.

Automated complexes on the basis of the above hydraulic presses, the completeness of which is determined by the coordination of the order with the customer.

  • Hydraulic presses for hydraulic testing of pipes for various purposes, diameter from 20 to 2520 mm, pressure up to 1250kgs / cm2.
  • Hydraulic presses for calibration of pipes with diameter from 520 to 1420 mm, pressure up to 560 kgf / cm2.
  • Hydro-mechanical expanders for calibration of pipes with a diameter from 1020 to 1620 mm and a force of 2500 tons.
  • Presses for pre-and final forming of pipes with diameter from 530 to 1420 mm, with force from 500 to 50,000 tons.
  • Hydro-mechanical press for calibration of tees and bends.
  • Hydraulic presses for sheet stamping of various materials, including high-strength, elastic medium (polyurethane) with force from 5,000 to 63,000 tons, with specific stamping pressure up to 1000kgs/cm2.
  • Hydraulic presses for metal ceramics, with force from 500 to 2,000 tons.
  • Hydraulic presses for the synthesis of diamonds and other superhard materials.
  • Hydraulic automatic machines for pressing glass components.
  • Hydraulic presses for pressing ceramic tiles with a force of 250 and 500 tons.
  • Hydraulic presses for tyre recycling with a force of 2000 tons.
  • Other unique press equipment according to the Customer's project.

Our company will develop and deliver the press equipment of any degree of complexity with any technical parameters for Your production.

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