Ремонт и модернизация станочного оборудования
Ремонт и модернизация станочного оборудования
Repair and modernization of machine tools

Repair and modernization of machine tools

The LLC IK INTERMASHSTROY company has long-standing partnership with Kramatorsk Heavy machine-tool Plant. During the joint work we have established the repair and modernization of equipment according to the technology of the manufacturer with the ability to manufacture new components and parts according to the original drawings of KZTS, which guarantees the achievement of tasks at minimal cost.

Repair and modernization are carried out in Kolomna, Moscow region, but specialists of the manufacturer are involved in the process of repair and modernization.

 Depending on the level of modernization, the works can take place in several scenarios:

  • Full period. We take the machine for the entire period of modernization/ repair, the period of withdrawal of equipment from production will be 9-12 months, depending on the level of modernization/repair;
  • Short period. Our specialists make the diagnosis by the Customer, then the necessary components and parts are manufactured at our company and develop the technology of repair/ modernization. After notification of the readiness of parts and components, the ready equipment is transported to the territory of the customer, where we install new parts and fulfil the necessary amount of accompanying work. Thus, the period of withdrawal of equipment from production is reduced from 9-12 months to 2-3 months.

The volume of work performed for the repair/ modernization of machine tools

  1. Full restoration of base and body parts;
  2. Production of new units that expand the technological capabilities of the machine:
  • Servo feed drives;
  • New high-speed spindle units;
  • Hydrostatic guide ways;
  • Mechanisms that enhance the degree of automation of auxiliary operations;
  • New lubrication control unit;
  1. Equipping of the machine with new executive hydraulic equipment;
  2. Complex replacement of electrical equipment;
  • Installation of CNC or DRO systems;
  • Installation of modern main drives;
  • Replacement of power and control electrical equipment.

The INTERMASHSTROY company will perform works on restoration, modernization and removal to the modern technical level of the universal and unique equipment working at your enterprise.

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                                 List of equipment for repair and modernization:


Purpose and brief technical characteristics

           Name of the models

Lathes and screw-cutting lathes

for machining parts with diameter 800-6500 mm, length 4000-32000 mm, weight 16-250 t

1К665Ф3х8000; 1К670Ф3; КЖ16Б60; 1Д655; 1М660.03; 1М665; 1М670; 1М675; 1Д655Ф3; 1К649Ф3; 1К650Ф3; 1К660Ф3; 1К665Ф3; 1А670Ф3; 1К675Ф3; КЖ16274Ф3; КЖ16275Ф3; КЖ16159Ф3; КЖ16165Ф2

Surfacing lathes

for machining parts with diameter 1000-3200 mm

1М692; 1М693; 1М692Ф3; 1М693Ф3

Sphere lathes

for machining parts with diameter 300-1000 mm, length up to 2000 mm


Machine tools for processing crankshafts


for the automobile and tractor industry and marine diesel engines with a diameter (span) of the connecting rod journals up to 4000 mm and a length of the crankshaft up to 32000 mm

КЖ1852; КЖ1853; КЖ1858; КЖ1859; КЖ16105Ф3;
КЖ16186Ф3; КЖ16216Ф3; КЖ16234Ф3; КЖ1665Ф1; КЖ1663;

Roll lathes

for processing cast iron and steel rolls of rolling mills. Roll diameter 650-2000 mm, length 4000-8000 mm, weight 16-100 t.

1А824; 1К824; 1А825; 1К825
1А826; 1К826; 1А827; 1К827

Machines for processing of axles and railway wheelsets.


КЖ1832; КЖ1833; КЖ1840_02; КЖ1841.02; КЖ1842.02; КЖ1843.02; КЖ1844; КЖ4А254; КЖ4259; 1836М.10; 1836.10mФ3; 1К836Ф3; КЖ20ТФ1

Centerless lathes

for the processing of bars of section iron and pipes of diameter 5-350 mm, length 1800-10000 mm

9А350Ф1; 9А320.04Ф1; 9А330Ф1; 9А340Ф1; 9А350Ф1; КЖ9350Т

Deep boring machines

for drilling and boring of parts with diameter 600-3400 mm, length 1000-25000 mm, weight up to 250 tons.

КЖ2850.410Ф1; КЖ 2880.301ПФ1;
КЖ 28100.400ПФ1; 28160.600ПФ1

Pipe-cutting machines

for processing pipes with a diameter of 6-2520 mm, length up to 12000 mm. Pipes cutting is carried out by waste-free technology.

КЖ9132; КЖ9119Ф1; КЖ9105;
КЖ9108; КЖ9127Ф1; КЖ9146Ф1; КЖ9116.01Ф1

Machines for processing rolls of tube rolling mills

 complete with working mill dia. 960-2300 mm.

КЖ2623Ф1; КЖ2624Ф1; КЖ2638Ф1; КЖ2615; КЖ2616Ф1; КЖ2617m.Ф1; КЖ2618; КЖ2619; КЖ2620

Ingot cutting machines

for cutting ingots with a diameter of 590 mm and a length of 2800 mm into billets for wheel pairs bandages


Cutting machines

diameter of circular saw: 710-1010 mm; 2000 mm and 3100 mm

КЖ8817; КЖ8819

Central cutting machines

for bilateral cuts of the discards and centering of workpieces of circular cross section, for milling end faces and receiving the pivot sockets in pipe blanks

КЖ4250, КЖ4254, КЖ4250М, КЖ4А254, КЖ4255, КЖ4256, КЖ4258, КЖ4259, КЖ8803

 Roll weldup machines


for automatic electric arc surfacing of rolls of rolling mills. Diameter of rolls 250-1700 mm

КЖ9708; КЖ9711

Machines for processing of round aluminium ingots

  diameter 70-860 mm, length 1850 mm; turning boring

КЖ1660; КЖ1661; КЖ16140Ф1
КЖ1964; КЖ1965

Machines for processing of coal electrodes,graphite nipples

diameter 500-1240 mm, length 2500 mm

КЖ9912; КЖ9913; КЖ1957

Friction welding machines

diameter of the rod 60-168 mm, length 200-1600 mm


Shell welding machines

diameter 900-9000 mm, length up to 35000 mm

КЖ9905; КЖ9909Ф3

Automated lines

Lines for treatment of car axles of railway transport


Л185; Л186; Л187; Л188; Л190, Л191

Lines for processing of drill pipe couplings

diameter 60-146 mm, 114-168 mm, 146-324 mm

2КЛ30; 2КЛ31

Lines for processing of aluminum ingots

diameter 90-520 mm, length 250-1200 mm


Lines for machining of graphite electrodes

diameter 450-710 mm, length 2400 mm

КЖЛ21; КЖЛ26; КЖЛ21Ф3



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